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That ain’t a fox hiding under that pelt.

Everyone loves serial killers. First pass at design.

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Video Game Consoles!

Please do not remove my credit/comment

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Did some sketches today and decided to clean them up a bit in PS. Skulls are just so interesting to draw. 

art (C) Kium

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My Redwall t-shirt came in the mail today! Redwaaaall! 

You are now inducted; congratulations.

but I get keyboard sorry

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ok so I was reading about the tv series Hannibal when I found this. this is the hannibal that deserves a tv series let’s be real

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One day I should try to make a glossary of where the more distinctive accents in Jacques’ writing are from.

Yes please.

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When you’re collabing with an extremely talented person and you’re not sure how to match up to all of the wonderful they contribute to the piece:

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Title: Californication (RHCP Cover)

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Title: Smells Like Teen Spirit

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