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Hey everyone, the first episode I directed for Gravity Falls will be on Disney XD next monday, October 27th at 8:30. It was boarded by Sabrina Cotugno, Vaughn Tada and myself. If you are following the story don’t miss this one, much will be revealed!


From Director Sunil Hall! Society of the Blind Eye premieres October 27th! 

friend I can only try

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Turtle dances while showering. [video]


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[IDW’s The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #9]

The best part about this is Skids not knowing Prowl. He shot himself with the memory gun so unless that gets reversed somehow he’ll never know who Prowl is again, despite having it explained over and over! Like how he kept forgetting the gun was in his hand :U

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guess what i found in the depths of my miscellaneous folder

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Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Jesus H. Frogsnoggler.

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Can someone ID this skull for me? Thanks!

Not one hundred percent positive by my vote is for Egyptian Mongoose. Gorgeous little skull!

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These are memories that time does not erase.

No amount of time could ever erase the memory of his closest friend. No amount of grieving could ever make up for the words never said. Even deleting memories of Rewind could never erase the guilt that weighed heavy on his spark.

It was his fault that Overlord had escaped. And it would be his responsibility alone to bear the weight of Rewind’s death, and of the others who had died on the Lost Light.

Poster(s) I made inspired by the feels of MTMTE. Both are available for purchase as posters in my society6 shop. :)

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Ha!  He’s finally done!

I’m back in Halifax now and going off of the Dipper and Mabel gifs I did before, I wanted to do one of Bill!  I’ve been working on it off and on for most of this week but it’s been a fun exercise.  Mabel and Dipper’s gifs have been inbetweened now so expect cleaned up/coloured/shaded versions of those up sometime in the future too.

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I suppose there are worse things that could be drawn on top of my helm.

I never thought I’d see true beauty, regardless of my species’ ridiculously long lifespan.

I was wrong.